Social responsibility … the new trend

The big thing for every company at the moment is social responsibility, clients are more powerful than before (the web is certainly part of this acceleration). Heineken created a microsite to influence and modify their image in that matter.

Positive points about the site are:

  • it looks good
  • it is really interactive
  • it brings a difficult and not very sexy subject in a nice and engaging way.

Negative points of the site are:

  • It’s … slow
  • It’s really … slow
  • It’s really really … slow
  • It’s really really really … slow
  • It’s really really really really … slow
  • There are probably more things, but I gave up …

Know the Signs

Know the Signs

Let me make a point here. As a proud Belgian, . There is no better beer than Belgian beer! Heineken is probably the worst beer ever made and it makes me sick that it’s so successful.

But … as a marketing guy, it’s great. You can sell really rubbish products, as long as communicate well, it will work!!!! So he guys, there is hope (but it doesn’t mean I will start drinking Heineken! So don’t even try serving me this S***!)


2 thoughts on “Social responsibility … the new trend

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