The Paid Search bubble

I’m fighting a battle for quite some time now trying to convince people that Paid Search is not a strategy but more a tactic. Why do the people from the media agencies and our friends @ Google keep coming back with Paid Search strategies if we can clearly see that the basic aren’t right (SEO not done properly)? I’m not questioning all kinds of studies that explain an uplift of traffic when Paid Search and SEO are combined, the increase of traffic when you have a campaign live (TV, web …)

I’m just trying to say that the effort of all companies should be more focused on SEO rather than the quick and dirty short term solution that doesn’t fix the problem. It is true that neither the media company nor Google will recommend a limited investment in Paid Search, as they make their living out of it … and apparently it’s a good living.

On top of that, around 15% of the clicks you buy are gone up in the air as they are a fraud. The Click Fraud Index reports on this on a regular basis. My question is, what do Google and Yahoo do?


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