Adidas TV … or better Hulu TV will not be available on the Adidas domain but they will partner up with Hulu. Some leassons were learned from the failure. They approach it as a social media hub and save some money develoment of the video player and social spreadability tools as well as hosting.

The statement of Adidas is: “The point is less about getting people to the site,” said Stein. “It’s more about getting the content to the people.”

Adidas TV

The positive points are:

  • The quality of the content is nice
  • There is a lot of it
  • There are multiple ways to spread the content
  • The MyTV part is interesting
  • The intergration in the rest of the site is nice

The negative points are:

  • Hulu is very American and thus not very known in EU
  • Hulu is slow in EU
  • The Subscription for MyTV is long (not sure what the drop off rate will be, but I guess this might be a blocking point for many people)

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