Britain’s got Talent

A couple of years ago, there was a silly looking mobile phone salesman that blow everybody’s mind off by singing opera, not the most evident choice for a very popular TV show, where you would expect Pop and rock songs (or even the horrible R&B style like songs). In the end he won the contest and changed jobs (9 million views since June 2007).

This year, there is a poor little unemployed lady that lives with her cat in a small village that participates, she had a similar effect on the jury, and will she take it that far? (over 100 million views in a couple of days on an addition of all videos). She will now sing a duet with her all time idol Elaine Page!! What should I do to play ball against Michael Jordan? Any idea anyone?

The above leads to an interesting thought: “The mass majority of media that goes viral was not intended to be marketing.” The article on unintentional advertising from Critical Mass is worth a read! (even without David, they publish nice things)


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