e-Reputation: secure your domains now!

A couple of years ago, all companies were struggling to recover their Domain Names, because the internet landscape was like the Far West, meaning no rules! A lot of companies spent s***loads of money trying to recover their “intellectual property”, some failed to recover their .COM (isn’t it Nissan.com?).

Today, we’re in a quite similar situation for Social Media property, but the market is better organized. You can check the availability of your profile name on several site, here are a couple of examples here and here. What is interesting is that this creates new business needs and a company (Knowem.com) played it rather quickly and intelligently, they propose to register your profile name on all social platforms for nearly 65$ and they will register your profile on future platforms for an additional 10$. Smart guys if you ask me.

So … what are you still waiting for? Should I do it for you?


One thought on “e-Reputation: secure your domains now!

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