Lacoste Red

I guess you all remembered the future of Lacoste website some time ago. Now they’re back with a new site of a sub brand Lacoste Red, nice full screen all flash site with nice animation and some interactive features. It’s worth the look. Seems like they are quite successful in repositioning the brand from a suburban subculture to a chique fashion brand.

Lacoste Red

I honestly don’t have much to say against the site since it’s a full Digital experience:

  • The site is full screen, very interactive and there are quite some things to discover
  • The site loads really quickly
  • Everything is available within a few clicks (shop locator, catalog, …)
  • The site uses a lot of social functionalities to share and spread the content
  • They have developped an i-Phone app that is inline with the site and the campaign

If I really search very hard, I would be able to mention that they didn’t multiply the touching points, but the fact that it’s easily exportable and spreadable, might be a strategy to have 1 single destination point (makes measuring easier)!


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