Social media in automotive

Everybody wants to make social media work. Some succeed, others fail …

In the automotive business there are 2 good examples of quite successful campaigns:

Volvo wanted to promote a new feature on their XC60. They did a full campaign that was completely based on Social Media. This is the confirmation of the trend that budget is being pulled away from TV and re-allocated to web. BTW, it is the biggest (in terms of size) campaign Youtube ever ran.

  • With around100 k videos viewed on the whole channel, I wonder if they have a happy client, the ROI isn’t that big, they have spent a huge amount of money on media online …
  • The Twitter account doesn’t even count 2000 followers and they are on a 50/50 rule (as many followers as following). This makes me think that they’ve really struggled to get the followers they have actually … My feeling is that the agency used it more as a test (there is even a post “testing cotweet”) and they didn’t have enough material to engages and tease people on Twitter …
  • Volvotwitterad

Ford Fiesta did a campaign for the introduction on the US market. They organised a game online and selected 100 agents. Those agents got the car for 6 months and had to lifestream their experiences. They created a social hub to aggregate all Streams. The advantage of this approach is that they are certain to have the content they need. Nice approach!

Fiesta Movement


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