Chanel vs. Dior

There is an interesting race between 2 luxury brands: There is Chanel with the new Chanel n°5 film featuring Audrey Tautou and Dior with Lady Dior featuring Marion Cotillard. Both actresses are not only French and thus stand for the French flair and beauty, but they happen to be both very well known internationally. Both brnads have the same approach, make a big (money) advertorial and exploit the web as a main driver. Some more detail on each one in particular:

Chanel n°5: 360° has become an old fashioned way of approaching communications, everybody seems to be fed up with it, but I still like it, and when it’s done and thought of properly, it can be really amusing and beautiful. This is what Chanel did with the new n° 5 campaign starring Audrey Tautou. They organized a private viewing for the international journalists in a theatre near Montmartre (how French …). The film (the most expensive ad ever made) is great and the site nice. They keep everything in house (on the site) but the information is very rich with interviews and behind the scenes. Negative points (to my humble opinion) the content is not spreadable and they don’t really engage with the audience (most have something to do with the French arrogance …).

Lady Dior: a teaser site is announcing the arrival of a 6’30 mins short film The Lady Noire Affair (by Olivier Dahan & Peter Lindbergh). Dior also dares to engage with social media, they are facilitating the spreadability and are using Twitter to follow the story. They are quite daring and innovative (they already engaged with second life some time ago). Negative points (again very humble): the teaser in itself doesn’t really tease (or at least not me), I’m not sure if they approach the social stuff properly, because they have less than 500 followers, for a brand like that it’s quite weak if you ask me; a pitty that they didn’t exploit the full social area and just Twitter, they have absolutely no presence on other platforms.
==> Update: Chapter one has just been released, I think it’s long and I miss the point but … who am I to judge, I’m not the target. They have around 600 followers on Twitter, so my opinion stays the same.


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