Too big to fail … or to get overtaken?

We saw during the start of the crisis that the « too big to fail » concept doesn’t exist, this is the reason why some people try to get Google out of the picture (or at least steal some of their 81% market share worldwide). Some new ones have just launched:
1. Cuil (with some old Google executives) tried, but didn’t get very far till now., they don’t even appear in the Top 10 list of search engines
2. Searchmerge: Not really a competitor to Google as they use Google, but the aggregate searches from different sources (Google, Twitter, Youtube, Friendfeed, Flickr)
3. Wolfram Alpha: Is by a lot of people considered as the Google killer, this is not the case, Google gives you results to your search, Alpha gives you answers to your questions by analyzing all data that is available.
4. Kumo: A search engine that will probably come out next week. It is supposed to be the answer from Microsoft to the declining market share of MSN. The difference will probably be that they go into semantic search (understand the sense of your search query) or into real time search (Google is not real time; the sites need to be indexed before the sites show). The search results will also be better organized.
5. Twitter: Funny enough, Twitter doesn’t only threatens Facebook as the fastest growing social media network, but it also becomes a major competitor to Google as the volume of information available is huge and the search is real time …


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