10 golden rules of Social Media (policy)

Some colleagues from Webworkerdaily wrote about the 10 golden rules of social media. Here they are:

  1. Respect the Spirit of the ‘Net.
  2. Listen.
  3. Add Value.
  4. Respond.
  5. Do Good Things.
  6. Share the Wealth.
  7. Give Kudos.
  8. Don’t Spam.
  9. Be Real.
  10. Collaborate.

For more explanation of all items, read the full article here.

Nothing really new, I agree, but you need to take those into consideration if you want to make it work!

This is very close to The social Media policy that a lot of company are putting together. IBM puts his policy on the web.

Now that we’re in a 10 rule post and touching on the Social Media policy, here are the 10 must-haves for a good Social Media Policy by Sharlyn Lauby from HRbartender.com:

  1. Introduce the purpose of social media
  2. Be responsible for what you write
  3. Be authentic
  4. Consider your audience
  5. Exercise good judgment
  6. Understand the concept of community
  7. Respect copyrights and fair use
  8. Remember to protect confidential & proprietary info
  9. Bring value
  10. Productivity matters

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