What’s Google doing in the meantime?

With the absolute madness going on about Twitter and Facebook still getting the attention they need (even if you can clearly see a slowdown in the hype, just ask around you and you’ll see that people have gone from checking 15 times a day to 15 times a month), and Bing surfing on the buzz they’ve smartly created, you could wonder what Google is doing?

Well, they’ve announced Google Wave some time ago now. Google Wave is quite interesting and aggregates everything people are looking in online communication: here’s the launch video.

The video is 1h 20 mins long! Wasn’t Youtube limited in duration …? I guess you don’t really want to look at the full length video, so here are some key features that seem very interesting to me:

  • It mixes e-mail (improved version of Gmail), live chat (trying to relaunch Talk), some elements of Twitter (Twave, how original), and real time documents exchange (improving the Google docs penetration).
  • All this can be done live or on “replay”
  • Everybody will be able to develop for Wave, which is quite revolutionary for Google and it will certainly bring more interesting features on Wave.

Mashable made a nice summary as well! Have a read here

What to do with Youtube then? They are still struggling to get a decent ROI on the video platform and they are losing money every year! Even if the figures speak for themselves (20 hours of video every minute).

Some other figures don’t really sound that optimistic (source: Tubemogul):

  • Some 53% of YouTube’s videos have fewer than 500 views
  • 30% have less than 100 views
  • just 0.33% have more than 1 million views


Quantity versus quality …

Or a Nielsen Study that shows that:

  • 99% of video is still seen on TV
  • An average adult (in the US) watches 5 1/2 hours against a couple of minutes of online video


The Youtube guys invented 2 measures:

1. Choose your own advertising:

    “On a small percentage of videos to which we serve in-stream ads (pre-, mid-, and post-rolls), users will have the choice of watching either one Promoted Video at the outset or a few in-stream ads throughout. Users who choose the Promoted Video option will also get to decide which video to watch.” (Product Manager Youtube)

    User Choice Screenshot

    => My thoughts: I hope they will not annoy us too much with the interruption of a video to push some advertising, otherwise, I’m afraid people will upload their videos on a different platform that doesn’t have any “advertising breaks”

    2. Youtube XL: the TV version of Youtube


      There is no advertising or related video promotion yet, so it’s still in a very early stage. The funny thing is that they didn’t develop it themselves but Google used a 3rd party application from a company named Gmote

      =>  My thoughts: They definitely want to fight the battle against 2 different enemies. On the one side TV views that are still very important and the other online video platforms like Hulu (that launched a similar TV application earlier). The thing is that Youtube serves bad quality UG videos that are funny but nothing more … It will be very hard to compete with main quality video providers as TV and Hulu (who have agreements with the major channels to show full episodes and films). I hope they didn’t invest too much in it!


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