Youtube Channels best practises

Being successful on YouTube with a proper Channel is nearly as difficult as having a decent Social Media strategy. That’s probably the reason why there aren’t that many best practices around.

Most companies have a similar approach to YouTube as they have on Social Media, they tend to prefer campaign based activities rather than a long term strategy and presence.

My friends @ Mashable (not that I’m only copying what they’re writing, but they just happen to have really good articles that are very useful!), Made a summary of 5 brands that have a longer term strategy and that do this quite successfully. Here they are and my thought on each one of them:

1. Quiksilver & Roxy

Type of videos: Lifestyle/Sports
YouTube marketing voice: International surf/skate/snowboarding rockstars

OK, they have been there for quite a long time now (the channel started in July 2005), they have a decent number (91) of quality videos on there, but with not even 2000 subscribers it’s not really a mindblowing success … If you look at the number of views per video, it’s even more disappointing (I guess they don’t exceed 3000 on average)

2. Ford Models

Type of videos: Lifestyle/Fashion/How-To
YouTube marketing voice: Aspirational fashionista

They are present since September 2006, the number of videos is amazing (561), they have a huge number of subscribers (62 034) and the number of channel views is impressive (5.6 million). But hey, how hard can it be, put a bunch of half naked supermodels on a channel and sit back and relax till the figures go up! That’s not fair!

3. University of Phoenix Online

Type of videos: Webisodes/Testimonial/Mini-documentary
YouTube marketing voice: Everyman Inspiration

This is really amazing. There is no added value at all (at least for me) but they managed to create a channel with some success. The interesting bit is that you can upload your own video and apparently this feature is quite successful. The number of views per video is really low, but this proves that the “15 minutes of fame” theory still stands.

4. The Home Depot

Type of videos: How-To / Educational
YouTube marketing voice: Your Next-Door Neighbor

Congratz, good idea, nicely and smart implemented. Not so much because of the figures, but with nearly 235K channel views, they aren’t ridiculous, but more on how they did it. Nice tips to do-it-yourself at home (should have thought about this site before I did my 5m² lawn at home), you can easily find the shop via the store finder, or other useful things. In addition, they have put some adds on the films to promote the tools they are using in the video. Looks easy, but you have to think about it.

5. Nikefootball

Type of videos: Sports
YouTube marketing voice: Fanatical British Soccer Hooligan

Nothing to add, all videos are on there, they have amazing figures on channel views and video views, apparently, the subscription thing isn’t really popular here either, which makes me thing that it’s quite useless! I have some ideas to improve this, but I won’t put it here, they just have to come and see me and we can talk about improvements at that time. Sorry guys, I have a wife and kids (well 1, 5 for the moment) that have to eat as well!

BTW, nice video on the Champions League winner, even if it was an easy one as the idea wasn’t very original. Guardiola was not only a very good Football player and is a danm good coach; he could have been a very good creative …


One thought on “Youtube Channels best practises

  1. Apparently, nearly nude supermodels and a bunch of films is not a guarantee for success. The dedicated Victoria’s Secret Channel isn’t as successful as the Ford Models channel … Check it out for yourself:

    The figures are not bad, but not as good as the Ford Models figures. Guess there is something about consistency an dregularity of tyhe posts …

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