Protection of online identity: Facebook vs Twitter

With the arrival of Facebook and Twitter in our everyday life, the question on an online identity and especially on how to protect your identity is getting more and more important! I already gave an example on how to secure your name on the various social media platforms in an earlier post.

Both Facebook and Twitter seemed to have understood the importance for everybody (persons as well as companies) to help them in the protection. They both have a different approach.

Facebook tries to make the usernames available for everybody. The thing is that you need to be quick and you have 1 chance to secure your username, namely on June 13th. If you don’t do it on that date, your name might be taken forever. They initially said that for a brand to have the username that brand needed to have more than 1000 fans in a group, but they came back from that idea and small companies are able to request their username by filling out a form. I’m not so sure that a lot of brands have protected their username, so I guess there might be a way to generate some revenue by selling the “recovery” of the usernames at a later stage. So easy and seems so obvious! They can’t make a $ otherwise, so they need to play it smart

Twitter have announced nearly the same day that they have started a “verified account” project. The idea is that you will be able to have a verified account (indicated by a logo) so everybody will know it’s you or your company that’s running the account.

“We’re starting with well-known accounts that have had problems with impersonation or identity confusion. (For example, well-known artists, athletes, actors, public officials, and public agencies). We may verify more accounts in the future, but because of the cost and time required, we’re only testing this feature with a small set of folks for the time being. As the test progresses we may be able to expand this test to more accounts over the next several months.”

Did they mention costs and time? Hmmm sounds $$$$ to me.


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