Twitter is still alive

may have announced the death of Twitter, but it will be a slow dead or maybe not …

In the meantime, it’s still alive and here are some nice examples on how alive it really is:

Twitter on a Pepsi Can

Pepsi added the Twitter name on the packaging of a new drink to promote the account more and start a dialog with the customers. They have printed it on 1.4 million cans. For the moment the success is rather small as they only have just above 500 followers. The nice thing is that apparently, most feedback is positive.

VW Twitter

VW launched a rich media campaign that mainly consists in a rich banner where you need to type in a Tweet and the banner will generate what VW fits you best. Smart and nice!


Making money with Twitter:
How to make money on Twitter? Dell seems to have the answer, they just passed the 3 million of sales. Not bad if you consider that they are basically destocking old machines for a cheap price. Dell has 24 accounts and funnily enough, each account is following around 23 accounts, all accounts are Dell accounts … The most known is obviously the US account.

This gave other companies some ideas, I found one in France named LesMeilleures.

If you have other accounts, let me know …


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