Virals of the moment

Here is the latest list of virals I personally liked lately.

The different items are:

  • Heinz
  • Stella Artois vs.Heineken
  • Nike vs. Adidas vs. Asics
  • Redbull
  • Belgacom TV

Heinz Ketchup without the bottle

  • This ad is really amazing and so true, you really can imagine all gestures … . This really show how powerfull this brand is.
  • The figures aren’t great, only slightly over 6,6 K visitors (on Youtube, and I don’t find duplicate videos on any other video platform)

Stella artois paper boat:

  • A really nice clip for a really nice product, Stella Artois is probably the best ordinary beer in the world, Belgian of course. Far better than our Dutch neighbor’s yellow drink they call beer.
  • The film is well done, nice retro style and interesting plot, in the style of the movie, meaning a little cheesy, but just not too much to appreciate it.
  • The figures: There are a lot of duplicates on Youtube, but in total I guess there are around 50K views. Could be a lot better in 1 months time. Let’s sit back and wait.

Heineken: “Hi Stefanie” Football game

  • Speaking of the devil … the yellow thing the Dutch call beer. They make damn good ads and this makes me think that advertising still has a future; you can sell the worst things as long as you market the product well!
  • The figures are quite low compared to the latest “fridge” ads they had not such a long time ago.

Nike: The Roger Federer equation:

  • Nike’s way to congratulate Roger Federer with his record breaking victory in Roloand Garros and his 14th Grand Slam title!
  • Apparently, it didn’t get very far in terms of figures. I guess other (political) events overtook cyberspace a bit more lately, but it’s interesting and funny. But in the meantime on Facebook … he got over 2 million fans … and he says thanks, he is soooo goooood (or has a clever agent).

Adidas: Every Team needs the spark:

  • The format is easy, put 2 of the most iconic football players in 1 ad, ideally if they don’t represent the most opposite teams, that’s even better. But you can as well do it properly and make it really beautiful to watch, that’s what Adidas did.
  • In terms of figures, it’s OK (nearly 350K views), but the ROI is not that glorious as they had a Youtube homepage activity for a couple of weeks that drove people to this film as well as to the channel

Asics: What if : Pamela

  • Asics is a challenger brand in the big sportswear business; they can’t compete with marketing brands like the 2 above. They mainly concentrate in delivering quality products!
  • In this viral they really act like a challenger and it works. They have a channel where you can find similar videos such as Lennon without McCartney or Knight Rider without Kitt
  • The figures: nearly 150K views only on Youtube, not bad for a campaign with very few media coverage (compared to Adidas …)

Red Bull: NASCAR Pit Stop in Times Square

  • What else needs to be said about Red Bull, apart from the fact that they’ve gone from a challenger brand to a well established brand and you can see this in the sports they sponsor as well? They kept the basics (X-treme sports, Air Race …) but they’ve added some mainstream big sports as well (Football, F1, NASCAR …) and they succeed!
  • The figures: 161 K views is correct, but not a big success, what’s more interesting is the channel they’ve created, they’ve gone over 12 million videos viewed … Could be worse.

And last but not least …

Belgacom TV Who took my badjas:

  • This clip is brilliant! It’s an ad for the national phone company, to promote their cable TV offer.
  • OK I’m Belgian and proud to be (yes I am really even if I live in Paris since more than 5 years and I start to behave like a Parisian, that’s indeed really scary), but in Belgium there are some great creatives!
  • The figures really interesting since my rough estimate is that there are around 200K views (on different duplicate clips). The Facebook page is a big success as well with more than 110K fans on the page in less than 15 days … (sorry but the page is in Dutch)

To prove that it’s a success (and that Belgians are creative minds) here are some spoofs that are made on the ad …

  • The Rap version:
  • The competition:

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