Pep Guardiola’s Gladiators

Better too late than never! All football fans will probably have heard about the film Pep Guardiola made with a friend journalist. If not here is the story:

Just before the Champions league final between Barcelona and Manchester United. The Barcelona’s trainer turned off the lights and played this film. He didn’t say anything and after the film he sent his players on the pitch. The result is known (Barcelona won and ManU was invisible). The films is some sort of remake of Gladiator, with some great plays of most of the players.He then put the film on Youtube so everybody could watch it!

  • Guardiola wasn’t only a great player, but he also is a great creative mind and an impressive motivator!
  • More than 500K views for a UGC film (OK the quality is very good and the film is impressive).

Nike jumped on this to redo the film to congratulate the team. I agree, very easy! The job was all done.

They didn’t even get 50K views on it, which shows that it’s probably not the best idea they’ve ever had!


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