The 100 million views club made a list of all virals that have more than 100 million views (figrures added up from videos on all platforms). That is really a lot! Can you imagine that, as a comparison, for some videos everybody in Europe watched it, or more than everybody on Facebook, or 6 times the population of France, or 30 times the population of Belgium!!! It’s Crazy!

You can find the list here.

Here are some thoughts:

  • 10 out of the 25 are music videos, strange the music companies still can’t find a way to make money! BTW, I’m getting either old or maybe I’m completely has been, I didn’t hear of the songs and I had never heard of 5 artists including the first one.
  • The first real UGC video (the one on the 6th position is not really UGC to me) comes on the 14th place. But you can’t say that any of those virals are really sponsored virals, where a brand or company spreads the content with a genuine media campaign …

Here is my personal favorite on the list: is a company that sells video metrics, but they have an interesting blog where you can follow the latest top virals of the moment and they give some very interesting insights.


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