Walkman vs iPod

walkmanFor the 30th birthday of the Sony Walkman, I didn’t know it was that old, this makes me really old (as all interns here at Equancy tell me this every day, I have to start believing them!)!

To celebrate this, a 13 year old had to swap his iPod with a genuine good old fashioned Walkman.

His feedback is really interesting as we (or at least I) just considered the whole thing as small evolutions that led to the iPod, apparently it’s not what the boy thinks:

The main differences that came out are the following:

Aesthetics: the Walkman is big and ugly grey, the iPod comes in different colours and is small


  • It took 3 days before he got how to turn the tape,
  • The boy needed some time to understand that normal and metal has nothing to do with the music type but with the sound
  • Shuffle doesn’t exist, but rewind and press play randomly gives the same experience
  • The tapes get damaged when you play it!

There is an advantage on the Walkman, namely, the fact that it has 2 sounds exits so you can listen to the same music with 2 headphones!

For the full article, please click here


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