Evian puts the kids on rollers

This is the hot viral of the moment, 2 weeks ago they had over 13 million views on the film, this week they had over 11 million views,  which is what we can call officially a success!

The film is brilliant, it’s funny, it’s emotional (especially for people with children I guess), it’s well done and they use Youtube at the max.

It’s now time for some deeper analysis of the whole campaign as it’s not just a TV campaign that works well online.


The is also a nice website behind it. here is what i think about it:

The positive points:

– 360° integration: the term seems to be an insult lately in most agencies (could it be because they can’t make it work properly because of the conflict of interest between ATL, BTL and online agencies)

  • Using all social media platforms at the max: Myspace, Youtube, Facebook Tom Morse, Anna Capolavoro, Vincent Huyng
  • They are using Youtube’s new feature that allows you to create an overlay to the video that takes you directly to an external site. It’s the first time I saw this on a video and it works perfectly!

– The additional features are really worth looking at, like the interview with the kids, the making of, …
– The film is a real success and is the number 1 in Visible Measures’ viral top for the second time in a row

The negative points:

– The site is inaccessible 50 % of the time or not working properly and very slow (a victim of their own success, so they underestimated the traffic?)
– The site is not SEO optimized, which gives a very bad impression and makes them buying keywords like hell, (I wonder if they are able to keep the Paid Search budget on budget)

  • When you type Evian on Google, they weren’t even on the first page for quite some time but it’s getting better but this should be mainly due to the links to the site and the videos viewed on Youtube!!!

– The navigation is not perfect

  • The navigation is interrupted by the fact that you have to push the back button to continue navigating, you can’t go from one section to another without passing by the homepage, because the left hand navigation disappears. Might be a new trend, as transversal links are a bit old now!
  • You have to go through 3 clicks before arriving on the dedicated microsite. They constantly take you through the language selection even if it’s the 359th time you visit the site (yes it was me …). After the language hurdle, they try to push you some corporate content. Given the fact that the site is slow, if you don’t run in to a strange page, it takes you not only 3 clicks, but also a couple of minutes, so you really need to be motivated.
  • Even when I selected English as a language, they still keep on sending me to the French version of the site.

– I don’t seem to get the objective of the Facebook pages, as they don’t really do anything with it.


The quality of the video and the emotion that it evokes, makes up for the rather bad performance of the website, a pity but still a great campaign!


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