Consumer trust by Nielsen

It’s getting better all the time! A Nielsen study comes up with some interesting results that are worth looking into a bit closer.


Consumers trust recommendations from people around them for 90%. That’s not really new, what’s really interesting is that consumers trust online opinions and brand websites equally (70%). If you look a bit further down, you can see that sponsorship comes before TV and magazine advertising. You could think why companies still keep on spending that much money on those, to convince people to buy their product …


The second graph shows the evolution between 2007 and 2009. The outcome is quite surprising since sponsorship and ads (before movies) made the biggest increase, but in total they stay behind the 3 mentioned above. The trend sis still the same, traditional media is not the best media to be in since they don’t really grow (newspapers even decrease). I count banners under traditional (online) media as well.

I’m just wondering, there is no direct mention on social media. Social media sits a bit everywhere, it’s part of online recommendations but also part of brand websites. Maybe Nielsen could integrate this a bit clearer in the future?


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