Wedding Entrance Dance & Update

Some sort of jealousy comes up when you look at the video. Well, not really. I’m not quite sure my relatives would have appreciated.

Anyway, this is the most impressive wedding entrance I’ve ever seen. And apparently, I’m not the only one to appreciate this… over 9 million views in 1 week!

UPDATE: Other, more known sources covered this video as well. Have a look at the following:

UPDATE: In the meantime, the video was viewed over 12 million times, but it might have created a way to generate some revenue, since the video has the click-to-buy ad on it and the results are just amazing:

  • There is a spill over effect on the official “Forever” music video,
  • The click-through rates on the same ads go up 2.5 times the average.
  • “Forever” climbed the music charts, reaching the No. 4 spot on iTunesand No. 3 spot on Amazon’s MP3 top seller’s list. Not bad for a song that was released a year ago.

There is also already a spoof online:

Thanks Techcrunch


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