Baccardi: Champions drink responsibly

In the site Bacardi want to buy themselves some social responsibility and I have to say that I think it’s not really a big hit!


They set up a huge partnership on responsible driving between Bacardi and Michael Schumacher. I don’t even want to know how much this cost them, since Schumacher is not the cheapest guy to buy for a campaign.

The problem with the choice of Schumacher, is that you are nearly sure that you will have a very dull campaign. He is not specially known for his jokes. And this tone is continued on the whole site! The site is not only boring, but I have a hard time to find a real sense to the site! Why should one of the biggest spirit brands all of a sudden get involved in responsible driving in such a way? They have a nicer, more creative and more daring image to me, so a nice viral campaign would have been more appropriate.

I’m afraid I will need to mention Heineken again for the way they approached this “political” issue:

Or the following video:

The fact that they had to report on the campaign and make it public makes me think that the success was rather reduced and they needed (or rather the agency) needed to shout out loud how successful it was. I might be wrong!


Still a quick site review:

The positive points are:

–          Loader is quite nice and shows you what might be coming.
–          The navigation is intuitive and quick
–          Nice interactivity with Google maps, the playlists, with some good music on

The Negative points:

–          It’s boring!


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