Michael Jackson is dead

That’s not particularly new, only if you just woke up from a 2 month coma you will not have heard about it.

I could have made an overview of what happened, but that wouldn’t be anything new, so I’ll just put some funny tributes on here.

Eternal Moonwalk
This website was created just a couple of days after his Highness’ dead, by a Belgian (yes indeed Belgian!!!) ad agency and is sponsored by a Flemish (yes indeed Flemish) local radio station.


The idea is simple; create the longest moonwalk ever by allowing everybody to upload his moonwalk to the site.

The site was and still is probably the biggest tribute success around with contributions from all over the world, obliging the company to change servers.

Royal Guard playing Thriller

To everyone’s surprise the Royal Guard of Buckingham Palace plays Thriller in the Changing of the Guard

Dancing Tributes
Novak Djokovic dances on the Player awards in Monte carlo

Dancing Inmate’s Michael Jackson tribute

Flashmobs from around the world

Anything else you particularly liked?


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson is dead

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