Puma fragments Usain Bolt

One of the most remarkable events of the summer is most certainly the new WRs of Mister Usain Bolt. Amazing how he makes it look so simple and easy.

100 m :

200 m:

After the Olympics, the main sponsor Puma wasn’t really prepared for the big hit, but thay managed to make the most out of it by launching Chasing Bolt very shortly after the olympics. I even called them the Olympic champions of interactive communication.

This year they were a bit more prepared and  launched the Bolt arms. The campaign was launched mid-August, so before the events.

Puma tried to make some nice virals out of it.

and are even active on Twitter.

It’s all very cheesy and poor, and it doesn’t really make me laugh.  Apparently, they work better under pressure, because the Who Faster thing looks a lot better than the arms (and looks a bit like what they did last year).

All of this doesn’t really look very coherent and they don’t seem to leverage all areas of the personality and their own media landscape as they should. I can’t see any connection between the arms campaign, the Who Faster, and the Chasing Bolt one from last year …

If you look at the results (Youtube views on virals, Twitter followers, …), they are quite poor, surprising for one of the most popular personalities on the planet. So Puma, stop fragmenting Bolt and your communication and make something that his Boltness deserves!


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