Danish government does one night stands

A very surprising video came hit the viral space last week. A nice Danish girl with a kid is explaining that she had a one night stand, got pregnant and is looking for the father now. The video had about 1 million views in less than a week.

Very quickly, there were speculations about the video being a viral for contraception, but apparently it’s even better. The video appears to be a hoax, produced by the Danish government to promote the Denmark as a touristic destination.

Since the news of the hoax came out, a lot of bad comments were added on the video. Guess it wasn’t the best campaign they ever ran …

I’m just wondering, what they are promoting? Come and visit Denmark, we have a lot of good looking women that, when drunk are very easy. And if by mistake, they are pregnant, don’t bother; they won’t remember you anyway …


One thought on “Danish government does one night stands

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