Audi pretends to listen to the Facebook community …

Audi has asked its 300,000 Facebook fans what functionality and features they’d like to see on a new vehicle in 2030 as part of a competition at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which has challenged vehicle manufacturers to design a youth-oriented car of the future.


To my good old habits I sent this around internally and my lovely colleague Liz (who, I hope, will soon be a regular contributor to this blog, because of her sharp and pertinent point of views from a more performance standpoint) came up with the follow view:

They are talking, but are they listening? Are they actually doing anything with the responses?

The random questions from Audi on the Facebook discussion forum in order to start threads are interesting, but always seem to follow the same pattern…. Audi ask a question and prompt responses, which is great, but never comment on any of the responses.

Maybe they are using the information behind the scenes and just not showing it…. or maybe someone has been given a target for the number of posts and so are asking questions to get responses but then ignoring the responses.

It is hard to know, and maybe this competition is different, but in general I wouldn’t say the Facebook group is a conversation as it is too one sided.

And they are missing opportunities by not responding. Not only could they improve the engagement by getting more or a debate going if they joined in the discussions, but they are not responding to requests for help – check this one out.

A classic opportunity to correct a wrong opinion, or to apologise for the trouble and suggest a solution.

Maybe less of an issue for Audi, but the danger of inviting people to talk to you if you don’t listen could be more damaging than not starting the conversation in the first place.


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