Kanye West interrupts the VMA … and Social Media

I’m not sure if everybody knows the story, so I’ll make it quite short. On the MTV Awards this year, a poor little girl, called Taylor Swift, won an award and was thanking her mum and dad and some other people for their support when a complete idiot called Kanye West jumped on the stage, stole the microphone from our poor little heroin of the night and told her that she didn’t deserve the award, because Beyonce had a better clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From that point, the whole world was shocked and even Obama had his opinion on the matter as in this video where Obama calls him a Jackass:

And Kanye West was a big hit on all social media platforms. Twitter alone had 300 000 tweets within the hour on the subject.

The day after Kanye was a bit more sober and went crying out in the Jay Leno show:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This didn’t stop people from making some really interesting spoofs on the subject. Here are a couple of them that I really like.

Kanye interrupts Obama speech:

Kanye disrespects Neil Armstrong

Kanye interrupts the news

Kanye West Interrupts a Guns N Roses Concert

A Belgian agency (yes again Belgian , they are really very creative and reactive … remember the longest moonwalk website, also created by a Belgian agency) created this site.


Any idea what you can Kanye?


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