Social Media: It’s about “social”, not about “media”!

I surfed into some really good presentations about social media and I think they are quite complementary. The first one is presentation from a guy called Crusty (it’s really rather a coincidence that he’s a Belgian as well!). Check it out . Beware, it’s about the content, not the images (don’t want to get sued by anyone!)

The presentation stresses the fact that Social Media should not be about the word “media” but more about the word “Social”. It’s about the business, the product, the brand & the advertising. The media is just a way to get there and not a means to an end.

This brings us to a second presentation From Tara ‘missrogue’ Hunt that is incredibly true, “nail on the head” !!!

Indeed, social media won’t save anybody or any brand. I particularly like the following:

“Social Media isn’t a strategy, it’s one of the communication tools available” … “we can work the social media tools into an overall strategy to help direct customers make a good buying decision.”

… and this by influencing the  … enthousiasts (I would personally call it the engaged consumer) and no longer the “so called” influencers with the big audience, where every brand is looking for!


All of this makes me think that social networks are here to stay and they will be part of our live for quite some time. I don’t know how you think about it but my feeling is that we’re living towards the new era … Remember the eras of social media (Jeremiah Owyang for Forrester).


The next era of Socila colonization seems to take place at this right moment (appart from the influencer bit then …).

Evolution of social erasThere are also a couple of tools that make this evolution a reality. I will talk about this later.

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