Domino’s Pizza : from Social Media disaster to best practice

You certainly remember (previous post) how badly Domino’s Pizza handled a very bad online buzz of 2 employees who filmed themselves doing some disgusting things with the pizza that had to be delivered and they posted the video on Youtube. The video was a huge hit online and had millions of views and went around the world in no time. The company was clearly not prepared for such events and answered with a lousy video by the CEO.

The good thing is that this event made them re-think their strategy in terms of social media and now 8 months later, they strike back by fully embracing it. The bad buzz that was created by the video, made them listen to the audience and they (at least they pretend it) took the criticism into account to come up with a completely new pizza that tastes like a real pizza.

This documentary shows some history of the company, the criticism they collected through focus groups as well as Social Media (twitter) and the whole creation process of the new Domino’s.

They even built a website This website is used for several objectives:

  • It’s a Social Media hub where they integrate in an “open” way the live Twitter stream as well as redirect you to all other social media domains like Facebook, Twitter, …
  • A press center where they centralize their media efforts and like you to their website (CBS, Comedy Central)
  • A lead generation site with the big “order online” button on top

Just wondering if they will be as successful in all 3 objectives?

The whole thing is a very obvious, very American marketing stunt, but I’m convinced that this bad buzz opened their eyes and made them Listen to their clients and Embrace their feedback. Quite quickly the bad buzz went from disgrace about the video to criticism about the product. They took those remarks and went back to work.

With this campaign they realize the outstanding Social Media Key objectives (cf. Groundswell) as they Talk to and with the clients, Energize and Support them on different platforms.

Everybody comes out quite nicely, even the CEO seems a nice guy compared to his former appearance …

Here are some bonuses:
Here’s a spoof already:

Some UGC about the new pizza:

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One thought on “Domino’s Pizza : from Social Media disaster to best practice

  1. As with most company investments, whether they are for manufacturing equipment, building expansion, computers, networks, advertising or most any other expenditure, the subject of ROI inevitably comes up before any decisions are made.

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