Web 2.0 suicide Machine

Some people might be scared and frightened about Mr. Zuckerbergs recent declarations that he doesn’t really care about privacy. Does this mean that privacy is dead? This should more be considered as a reaction to the enormous #FAIL of the change in privacy settings facebook tried to push through.

You probably received the message when you logged in where facebook tried to “guide” you through the new settings. As most of us (I guess) you ticked the boxes “keep previous settings” because:

  1. You didn’t understand what it meant
  2. It took ages to go through all categories
  3. You couldn’t be bothered because you didn’t have that much time and you just wanted to check your account quickly before leaving the office

The funny thing is that since the change, I have the impression that you can see much more information about everybody as before. You can now see the profile, the info and even the photo albums of complete strangers.

But, this doesn’t mean that most of us don’t feel completely confident about the whole thing. Well there’s a solution for that now! If you want to get out of all social media platforms, you don’t have to do this manually any longer; you can use the Web2.0 Suicide Machine

I’m not sure if you want to take it that far, but if you’re considering it, there is a way. I didn’t try it, because I don’t feel that desperate. But here is a video of how it works …

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