Bill Gates re-invents Buzz Marketing and gives Twitter some more visibility

Yesterday’s big news, and not only in cyber space and geeky Social media blogs, but also in national newspapers all over the world, was the fact that Bill gates (re)joined Twitter and facebook. I guess he can enter the Guinness Book of Records straight away for the fastest growing account ever. After only 8 hours, he had over 100 000 followers on his Twitter account!

But a couple of hours later, everybody discovered that he didn’t do this for fun. He played the game to attract the attention to the launch of his blog The Gates Notes. The aim of the blog is to share what he and his wife are doing with their Foundation.

The whole operation is well thought and this benefits to both parties (Twitter and Bill Gates).

Bill Gates

  • He opened a verified account (this indicates that it’s not a fool taking his name to have more followers, but it proves that it’s the real Bill) immediately, so this makes me think that he talked to the Twitter boys beforehand.

  • He could benefit from a global coverage and announce his blog to the world without spending any marketing money.
  • He (or someone in his team) played the game quite well by interacting directly with some major international (Twitter) stars like Mr Demi Moore
  • and by Retweeting Time Magazine on a very actual topic (Haiti). The fact that all blogs and sites picked up the news was a plus.


The Twitter boys also benefit from the operation since recent Hubspot report show that Twitter is stagnating. The boys could use some free advertising in international newspapers. This event might convince new people to join.

Let’s wait and see what the increase rate of Twitter will be in the next couple of days …

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