Super Bowl 2010 and the impact on the web.

The Super bowl is comparable to the Champions League final here in Europe, except that it’s not about our “soccer” but about their dull and boring “football”. As the game has interruptions about every 30 seconds, they have some space for advertising. 47 minutes, 50 seconds of advertising messages to be exact and there were 41 advertisers that brought 66 different messages (Source: Kantar Media via Adweek). The Dot-coms were the biggest Category of advertisers this year with 5 mins and 43 secs, followed by beer and cars.

This year was a big hit with the biggest ever audience for the event, with 106,5 million viewers in the US (the worldwide audience is estimated at 1 billion). It is also the most expensive place to buy media with an average of 2;5 million $ per 30 sec (less than last year where it was around 3 million $). Of those 106,5 million, 12% was surfing on the web while watching the game (Source: Nielsen). Therefore a lot of brands linked their campaign back to other online activities with websites, digital campaign and social media links. The Super Bowl even created a dedicated Youtube channel where you can vote for the best ads. If you have some time to spend, feel free to browse through the different ads.

As it’s the biggest advertising and media event on this planet, a lot of companies put in place some impressive efforts to measure and analyze the different spots and the impact of the advertising seen during the event. Nielsen measured the impact on TV and the Doritos seems to be the big winner of this year’s Super Bowl in terms of TV views.

They not only measured the impact of the “bought” ad space but also the impact and visibility of the advertisers / Sponsors of the event. The winner in this category is Reebok with nearly 4 h of visibility. Seems like sponsoring has a decent ROI!

Because this year’s Super Bowl was also much covered on social media, a company called Mullem analyzed the twitter activity during the event. The surprise is that the winner is the same. Doritos seemed to have won both on TV and online. The second place goes to Google who surprised everybody with an ad to promote their different services (or did they want to promote Paris …)

Here are the ads I mentioned above:

Doritos organized a contest where everybody could submit his ad on a dedicated website. The winning ad was aired during the Super Bowl.

A very bizarre ad if you ask me. They are trying to sell the different services with some French flair. Seems like France is cool again in the US.

All this advertising fuzz leaves a lot of space for some interesting spoofs as well here is a selection:



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