Chatroulette is not only about S.E.X.

New hypes always bring new stars and give people the opportunity to be creative in order to stand out. Quite often, those “new stars” are real artists. This is probably what this guy thought when he did his act on Chatroulette, the pointless viral hit remember …. The video is really funny and worth watching. You will not be the only person looking at the video as he already has 1.5 million views in 6 days.

This reminds me of another video star. I’m not sure if the Youtube star Esmee Denters went further than the countries north of France (Belgium and the Netherlands? Esmee Denters is a Dutch girl that posted some videos of her singing some songs on Youtube. The videos were all of a sudden a major success and she managed to get a record deal and her album was produced by a certain Justin Timberlake.

Here is the song that made her “famous”


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