Heineken : Champions League game vs Classical Concert

In case you might have a doubt. I don’t like Heineken as a product, it tastes bad it smells bad and it looks bad. Please believe me … there’s nothing better than a genuine cold, well served (yes with a decent level of forth that slightly slides over the sides of the glass) Belgian beer.

But Heineken shows us that brand awareness is sometimes more important than the quality of the product. I have to admit that they make excellent advertising, remember the walking fridge?

This time Heineken Italy came up with a very interesting experiential. They organized a classical concert on the night of the Real Madrid – AC Milan game and made girlfriends convince their loves to miss the game for the concert …

Not sure if my wife would convince me to miss such a game, but the Italian lovers did.



One thought on “Heineken : Champions League game vs Classical Concert

  1. One question : how many guys entered the concert hall with a way to watch the game on portable devices ?…

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