Nestlé gets a lesson in Social Media #FAIL

The people at Nestlé won’t leave on holidays so quickly these days. Let’s say that they have some issues to solve …

What happened is that Greenpeace striked again! Greenpeace spoofed a KitKat ad to attract the attention to their corporate social (un)responsibility in buying palm oil from companies that destroy the rainforests.

Some people were not quite happy with that and told Nestlé (KitKat is part of Nestle) on their facebook page. Some of them used an old Nestlé logo as an avatar to do so.

Nestlé on their hand told the world that it’s forbidden to use their logo without permission on the facebook wall. (I agree, a bit childish and immature). This started an even husher reaction from some “fans”.


Sometimes it’s better to let it all go, be quite and wait till the bad buzz is over to try and rectify things with a good old press release. A bit like Dove did with the Greenpeace video:

(via Econsultancy & Cnet)



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