Will It Blend & T-Mobile: the parody of successful ads

Seems like this weeks top viral videos are in some sort parodies of existing (and successful) campaigns.

E4: The T-Mobile Dance parody
Nice parody of the famous T-Mobile flash mob some time ago. A little trashy at the end and it seems a bit messy, but it’s funny. It’s not a huge succes as the have 36K views in 10 days, but let’s wait for the long tail.

Just a thought, does this create some traffic to the brand site or does this create traffic to the initial T-Mobile film?
Here is the T-mobile video. This video only has over 23 million views …

Will It Blend: Old spice gets blended
The old spice campaign hit the whole world by surprise. With the funny ad, they managed to generate over 21 million views for a rather un-sexy product but a sexy ad.

Will It Blend strikes back to blend the Old Spice and they even took the real Old Spice guy to appear in the ad.

Once again, a small thought, who’s ad is it? Or better, who paid for the ad?

Source: ViralBlog


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