Why Email Marketing Is Still In Vogue (@flowtown)


Always strange to read that email marketing is back? Has it ever been away? It is a crucial part of the pull activities you can/have to put in place if you want to ensure to touch your base.

Facebook will not replace everything!
I’m not talking about the dirty spammer who send you Pen** enlargement emails or cheap Viagra, I’m talking about opt-in subscription to newsletters where you voluntarily put your e-mail address in the little box.
Here are some advantages to e-mail:

  • It’s anonymous: nobody really knows you’re subscribed to some silly news or lousy band, which can be a plus compared to facebook if you really don’t anyone to know about your secret passions!
  • It grabs your attention: sometimes, you forget about a site or service, so an e-mail on a regular basis reminds you of the site
  • It’s cheap: it doesn’t cost the reader anything and for the sender it’s quite cheap
  • It’s engaging: you can choose to only push content, but you can also make the audience engage with your brand
  • It’s monetizable: you can invite brands to promote something to your qualified audience (but beware, it should be done softly!)

Any other advantages? Let me know!


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