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The Power Of Earned Media In Social Images


Editor’s note:Yasha Spong has worked in the media fingerprinting space since 2008. Prior to joining Zample, he was at Audible Magic and Getty Images.

Brands are spending large amounts of money on sponsorships, in particular in sports, which are seen as a unique way of engaging emotionally with fans. Ideally the brand will be featured prominently in an image of a star player scoring a key goal for the home side and reap the benefits of being connected to a moment of collective glory.

Anecdotally brands get “a lot” of exposure for their sponsorships of teams and athletes via images shared on social media, but up till now, no one has been able to quantify this valuable audience.

Luckily for brands, the convergence of existing computer vision technology and the recent advances in machine learning are changing the game. Large-scale analysis of social media images to identify brand logos and gather useful…

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Nike Football opens World Cup 2014 war …

Nike just opened the World Cup war and they decided to give it a big kick from the start …

Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • The video has a lot of stars in it, but in general is a bit long and thus a bit boring. Apparently the zillion viewers online don’t all think this way.
  • There is no further social engagement that comes out of the video. They used to do this a lot better (remember the Superfly campaign?). Is this still coming?
  • In this team of absolute Superstars, there 2 stars with the same nationality … and they are both BELGIAN

Let’s sit back and wait for the next brand to shoot … and in the meantime GO #BelgianRedDevils …

#Socialnomics 2014

The update version f the well known video that mentions quite some impressive stats. This year’s version is really an update and certainly not a revolution!

Slightly sponsord by the #selfie brand as the regularly used phone sizes have been replaced by branded phoses. I guess everyone needs to eat at the end of the day!

#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman – YouTube.