Nike Football opens World Cup 2014 war …

Nike just opened the World Cup war and they decided to give it a big kick from the start …

Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • The video has a lot of stars in it, but in general is a bit long and thus a bit boring. Apparently the zillion viewers online don’t all think this way.
  • There is no further social engagement that comes out of the video. They used to do this a lot better (remember the Superfly campaign?). Is this still coming?
  • In this team of absolute Superstars, there 2 stars with the same nationality … and they are both BELGIAN

Let’s sit back and wait for the next brand to shoot … and in the meantime GO #BelgianRedDevils …


Pepsi Like Machine

Needless to say that it’s a Belgian agency that put this thing together … Not really original since the other soft drink brand did this before but I like the idea of knowing that who liked the page also tested the product.

What’s not really clear is if Pepsi managed to extract those “consumers” and include them in a genuine relationship programm other than social media.