Thank you President Jacques Rogge

Not very objective, but I think you got used to that by now … Appart from the fact that he comes from the most beautiful city in the world, he was one of the world leaders for quite some time and had a very heavy heritage to wear and to support. He managed to give the old and corrupt institute a clean and innovative image. So …


The 9 Types of Facebook Users



Well that’s weird! After a long psycho-analysis of my behavior on Facebook, I’m very close to the “Newbie”.

Seems like it’s like growing up, I prefer to stay young!

And what type of user are you?

The offline glass


A very funny and interesting idea. I guess a lot of people would be very happy with that, satrting with my wife …

The only thing is that you can easily take the glass in one hand and still play with the phone in the other …

The most interesting thing is that artists create social interactions “in real life” and brands create “virtual” social interactions!

Pepsi Like Machine

Needless to say that it’s a Belgian agency that put this thing together … Not really original since the other soft drink brand did this before but I like the idea of knowing that who liked the page also tested the product.

What’s not really clear is if Pepsi managed to extract those “consumers” and include them in a genuine relationship programm other than social media.