Social media ROI: Value of a fan

Some time ago, the social media agency Vitrue; an American agency that develops social media applications for brands, till then quite unknown to me; came up with a shocking statement and a formula that calculates the value of a fan. We had some great theories that Social Media has a positive ROI and blablabla like in the Socialnomics video, but nobody ever stick a genuine mathematical formula on it that can compete with traditional media agencies’ GRP calculations, … and that is still more understandable to the common human being. This value calculation kept the blogosphere and twittersphere busy for quite some time and even if there are people that think the whole thing is rubbish, everyone has to admit that the approach is quite groundbreaking. Here is the formula:

1M impressions x 2 posts x 30 days = 60M impressions
60M impressions / 1000 x $5 CPM = $300,000
$300,000 x 12 months = $3.6M
$3.6M / 1M fans = $3.60

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Coke against Pepsi in a Social media race

It seems like the big soft drink brands aren’t only fighting a battle in sales, but also in the social media sphere… and they are doing it with a different approach.

Vitamin Water (Coca-Cola) let’s you decide

Vitamin Connect
The first brand to kick off the hostilities was Vitamin Water (part of Coca-Cola). They used the social media sphere, or better Facebook, create a new drink. The competition was 3-fold. Competitors had to:

  • Define new flavors: users could generate buzz around their favorite flavor (from a list of 10 flavors developed by Vitamin Water)
  • Design the packaging: after the selection of the flavor, the users could create their own packaging through a Facebook app and the final winners were selected by a panel of experts
  • Invent a name: while creating the packaging, the users could also come up with a name The winner, a certain Sarah from Illinois who won $5,000, came up with a very appropriate name “Connect”

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Visa revisits “where the hell is Matt” … again

I just surfed into a new Visa ad, where they stress their partnership with FIFA for the next world cup in South Africa. While watching the ad, I had a sort of “déjà vu”. Have a look at the ad first:

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Super Bowl 2010 and the impact on the web.

The Super bowl is comparable to the Champions League final here in Europe, except that it’s not about our “soccer” but about their dull and boring “football”. As the game has interruptions about every 30 seconds, they have some space for advertising. 47 minutes, 50 seconds of advertising messages to be exact and there were 41 advertisers that brought 66 different messages (Source: Kantar Media via Adweek). The Dot-coms were the biggest Category of advertisers this year with 5 mins and 43 secs, followed by beer and cars.

This year was a big hit with the biggest ever audience for the event, with 106,5 million viewers in the US (the worldwide audience is estimated at 1 billion). It is also the most expensive place to buy media with an average of 2;5 million $ per 30 sec (less than last year where it was around 3 million $). Of those 106,5 million, 12% was surfing on the web while watching the game (Source: Nielsen). Therefore a lot of brands linked their campaign back to other online activities with websites, digital campaign and social media links. The Super Bowl even created a dedicated Youtube channel where you can vote for the best ads. If you have some time to spend, feel free to browse through the different ads.

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Car industry gets fresh marketing cash injection for the New Year

It seems that, with the New Year, the automotive industry has some fresh cash to invest in marketing. here are 2 brands that kick off the year in style!

Audi suicide
Audi comes up with quite a controversial video of a guy who’s trying to commit suicide in his car.

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Trend predictions in 140 characters

I didn’t change my mind … I’m still not the biggest fan of predictions, as they are rarely reflecting what’s really innovative and are mainly a gathering of things that are already going on for quite some time now. The people writing them are always vague enough to leave some space for a wide interpretation. If in December, those guys notice that they were close enough, they throw it back to you to prove how intelligent they are … if they’re not close at all, they pretend it never happened and they never wrote any of it (or come up with excuses). So basically nobody really cares but it keeps people (like me) busy!

This one is worth sharing, not because it’s different, just because the predictions from Trendsspotting cover the views of a lot of people with big titles in companies that play a certain role in the digital world.

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2009 in viral videos

The end of the year 2009 already… That was quick! As usual, we are spammed by overviews of the past year or predictions of the coming year. I promise, I will not give you any predictions for 2010! But I would like to share the overview of the best viral videos in 2009.

The first one comes from Current TV.

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