2013 social media stats



The offline glass


A very funny and interesting idea. I guess a lot of people would be very happy with that, satrting with my wife …

The only thing is that you can easily take the glass in one hand and still play with the phone in the other …

The most interesting thing is that artists create social interactions “in real life” and brands create “virtual” social interactions!

Curling can be funny

This one is just amazing!

Never imagined that curling could be funny. Buzzman prooves that it’s a really interesting and funny sport … NOT!

A bit weird that the video only has 730 K views in more than 2 weeks, if you see the media budget they spent on it. What’s weird is that their Facebook page is not really as funny as the video. After 2 weeks, they only have 2827 fans, not quite the succes they deserve, but there is little or no content on the page that makes you like.

Facebook microsite disease: back to the future in digital marketing

Not sure if you know the feeling that you run into an article / blog post and you realize that it says exactly what you are trying to say for quite some time. That moment, you feel some sort of relief because you know that out there, there are other persons that are as intelligent and smart as you are. Finally !!!! (It’s a joke for those who didn’t get that). I had this feeling when I read the post on Going Social Now the other day.

The post talks about the fact that Facebook is infected by the “microsite disease” by most marketers. The post covers the topic in 10 signs that show that you’re infected. Here they are: Continue reading