Nike Football opens World Cup 2014 war …

Nike just opened the World Cup war and they decided to give it a big kick from the start …

Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • The video has a lot of stars in it, but in general is a bit long and thus a bit boring. Apparently the zillion viewers online don’t all think this way.
  • There is no further social engagement that comes out of the video. They used to do this a lot better (remember the Superfly campaign?). Is this still coming?
  • In this team of absolute Superstars, there 2 stars with the same nationality … and they are both BELGIAN

Let’s sit back and wait for the next brand to shoot … and in the meantime GO #BelgianRedDevils …


Heineken : Champions League game vs Classical Concert

In case you might have a doubt. I don’t like Heineken as a product, it tastes bad it smells bad and it looks bad. Please believe me … there’s nothing better than a genuine cold, well served (yes with a decent level of forth that slightly slides over the sides of the glass) Belgian beer.

But Heineken shows us that brand awareness is sometimes more important than the quality of the product. I have to admit that they make excellent advertising, remember the walking fridge?

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Visa revisits “where the hell is Matt” … again

I just surfed into a new Visa ad, where they stress their partnership with FIFA for the next world cup in South Africa. While watching the ad, I had a sort of “déjà vu”. Have a look at the ad first:

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Super Bowl 2010 and the impact on the web.

The Super bowl is comparable to the Champions League final here in Europe, except that it’s not about our “soccer” but about their dull and boring “football”. As the game has interruptions about every 30 seconds, they have some space for advertising. 47 minutes, 50 seconds of advertising messages to be exact and there were 41 advertisers that brought 66 different messages (Source: Kantar Media via Adweek). The Dot-coms were the biggest Category of advertisers this year with 5 mins and 43 secs, followed by beer and cars.

This year was a big hit with the biggest ever audience for the event, with 106,5 million viewers in the US (the worldwide audience is estimated at 1 billion). It is also the most expensive place to buy media with an average of 2;5 million $ per 30 sec (less than last year where it was around 3 million $). Of those 106,5 million, 12% was surfing on the web while watching the game (Source: Nielsen). Therefore a lot of brands linked their campaign back to other online activities with websites, digital campaign and social media links. The Super Bowl even created a dedicated Youtube channel where you can vote for the best ads. If you have some time to spend, feel free to browse through the different ads.

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Pep Guardiola’s Gladiators

Better too late than never! All football fans will probably have heard about the film Pep Guardiola made with a friend journalist. If not here is the story:

Just before the Champions league final between Barcelona and Manchester United. The Barcelona’s trainer turned off the lights and played this film. He didn’t say anything and after the film he sent his players on the pitch. The result is known (Barcelona won and ManU was invisible). The films is some sort of remake of Gladiator, with some great plays of most of the players.He then put the film on Youtube so everybody could watch it!