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Facebook microsite disease: back to the future in digital marketing

Not sure if you know the feeling that you run into an article / blog post and you realize that it says exactly what you are trying to say for quite some time. That moment, you feel some sort of relief because you know that out there, there are other persons that are as intelligent and smart as you are. Finally !!!! (It’s a joke for those who didn’t get that). I had this feeling when I read the post on Going Social Now the other day.

The post talks about the fact that Facebook is infected by the “microsite disease” by most marketers. The post covers the topic in 10 signs that show that you’re infected. Here they are: Continue reading

Google tries to buzz the world

Unlike the whole Google Wave story, Google surprised us with a new, quite impressive, and certainly one of the biggest new features of the last years. Where the Google Wave launch was well prepared and they managed to create a whole fuzz about it with the limited amount of invites they sent out (remember the invites that were sold for big $$$ on eBay) and the noise they generated around it. Unfortunately, Wave was certainly one of the biggest deceptions of the last years. I don’t really see the use of it and many others seem to have the same feeling.

Yesterday, they launched a new thing that is called Google Buzz.

The noise around it before the launch, was quite reduced (or maybe that was because I was on holidays for quite some time) and the announcement came basically as some sort of a surprise. They definitely learned about their Wave mistakes by keeping it down and launching it smoothly into everyone’s Gmail account, which allows them to have a potential audience of around 176 million users from the start. Not quite at the level of facebook with 400 million users, but certainly better than Twitter and Foursquare.

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Trend predictions in 140 characters

I didn’t change my mind … I’m still not the biggest fan of predictions, as they are rarely reflecting what’s really innovative and are mainly a gathering of things that are already going on for quite some time now. The people writing them are always vague enough to leave some space for a wide interpretation. If in December, those guys notice that they were close enough, they throw it back to you to prove how intelligent they are … if they’re not close at all, they pretend it never happened and they never wrote any of it (or come up with excuses). So basically nobody really cares but it keeps people (like me) busy!

This one is worth sharing, not because it’s different, just because the predictions from Trendsspotting cover the views of a lot of people with big titles in companies that play a certain role in the digital world.

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