#Socialnomics 2014

The update version f the well known video that mentions quite some impressive stats. This year’s version is really an update and certainly not a revolution!

Slightly sponsord by the #selfie brand as the regularly used phone sizes have been replaced by branded phoses. I guess everyone needs to eat at the end of the day!

#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman – YouTube.


The 9 Types of Facebook Users



Well that’s weird! After a long psycho-analysis of my behavior on Facebook, I’m very close to the “Newbie”.

Seems like it’s like growing up, I prefer to stay young!

And what type of user are you?

The offline glass


A very funny and interesting idea. I guess a lot of people would be very happy with that, satrting with my wife …

The only thing is that you can easily take the glass in one hand and still play with the phone in the other …

The most interesting thing is that artists create social interactions “in real life” and brands create “virtual” social interactions!

Facebook microsite disease: back to the future in digital marketing

Not sure if you know the feeling that you run into an article / blog post and you realize that it says exactly what you are trying to say for quite some time. That moment, you feel some sort of relief because you know that out there, there are other persons that are as intelligent and smart as you are. Finally !!!! (It’s a joke for those who didn’t get that). I had this feeling when I read the post on Going Social Now the other day.

The post talks about the fact that Facebook is infected by the “microsite disease” by most marketers. The post covers the topic in 10 signs that show that you’re infected. Here they are: Continue reading

Social media ROI: Value of a fan

Some time ago, the social media agency Vitrue; an American agency that develops social media applications for brands, till then quite unknown to me; came up with a shocking statement and a formula that calculates the value of a fan. We had some great theories that Social Media has a positive ROI and blablabla like in the Socialnomics video, but nobody ever stick a genuine mathematical formula on it that can compete with traditional media agencies’ GRP calculations, … and that is still more understandable to the common human being. This value calculation kept the blogosphere and twittersphere busy for quite some time and even if there are people that think the whole thing is rubbish, everyone has to admit that the approach is quite groundbreaking. Here is the formula:

1M impressions x 2 posts x 30 days = 60M impressions
60M impressions / 1000 x $5 CPM = $300,000
$300,000 x 12 months = $3.6M
$3.6M / 1M fans = $3.60

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Nestlé gets a lesson in Social Media #FAIL

The people at Nestlé won’t leave on holidays so quickly these days. Let’s say that they have some issues to solve …

What happened is that Greenpeace striked again! Greenpeace spoofed a KitKat ad to attract the attention to their corporate social (un)responsibility in buying palm oil from companies that destroy the rainforests.

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