2013 social media stats



Social media use in Fortune 100 companies

PR agency Burson-Marsteller just published a very interesting study on how Fortune 100 companies embrace Social Media.

The study covered the 100 biggest companies on this planet (19 in the US, 48 in Europe, 20 in Asia-Pacific and 3 in Latin-America) and the data was collected between November 2009 and January 2010.

The social media touch points that were analyzed were Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the corporate blog.

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Super Bowl 2010 and the impact on the web.

The Super bowl is comparable to the Champions League final here in Europe, except that it’s not about our “soccer” but about their dull and boring “football”. As the game has interruptions about every 30 seconds, they have some space for advertising. 47 minutes, 50 seconds of advertising messages to be exact and there were 41 advertisers that brought 66 different messages (Source: Kantar Media via Adweek). The Dot-coms were the biggest Category of advertisers this year with 5 mins and 43 secs, followed by beer and cars.

This year was a big hit with the biggest ever audience for the event, with 106,5 million viewers in the US (the worldwide audience is estimated at 1 billion). It is also the most expensive place to buy media with an average of 2;5 million $ per 30 sec (less than last year where it was around 3 million $). Of those 106,5 million, 12% was surfing on the web while watching the game (Source: Nielsen). Therefore a lot of brands linked their campaign back to other online activities with websites, digital campaign and social media links. The Super Bowl even created a dedicated Youtube channel where you can vote for the best ads. If you have some time to spend, feel free to browse through the different ads.

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The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games go social

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are starting today in. We won’t see much of it I guess, due to the time difference, unless we don’t sleep. But we will be able to follow the games online with live streaming video and more on every single national channel as well as on the official Vancouver site.

I guess there will be a lot of social activity as well. As it didn’t start yet, it’s hard to find some decent references, but here are the official Vancouver properties on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page is quite interesting with the seamless integration of the Youtube videos.

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